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Monday, September 17, 2012


STOP CORRUPTION, STOP CASH FLOW !! Stop cash flow means the minimize the cash flow(hard cash) in the market or in the big financial transaction. This will to lead to more transparency in the system. now the question is how it is possible to stop the cash flow ? I think and i found an idea which support to stop cash flow. i am covering my idea in following points.

1) First of all stop the cash flow in the big financial institution's like mall, ticket for AIRPLANE, any vehicles purchase, land/flat sale/purchase, school fees, all district Mandi contractor , etc. it is mandatory to all these institutions could only not accept the cash, only through electronic form. this could easily be possible because for all we need to have electricity and Internet connection that is easily available at these financial institutions.

 2) Secondly we can’t stop the cash flow at basic kirana shops and retailers, so he has advised to accept the cash from the customer and deposit it to your business account and when he has to pay the amount to his dealer or distributor that could only through the checks and electronic form only from their business account only. we can not stop the cash at very small shops like sweets, snacks, thelawala, sabjiwala etc. but we can restrict to dealers and distributor's for not to accept the cash from its chain members. On doing this at a certain stage, it will become a mandatory to put the cash in bank and allow the further transaction.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Idea to make General Ticket online


my idea is very basic on a  problem of taking general class ticket from each station counter. It is very tough to take a ticket from counter at station. there are very long ques and time wastage. we usually see, it is difficult to take a platform ticket. for the same-

The idea is to make these ticket also online. similar to sleeper class, just send the message for the same,that can be used for general ticket as well. Railways has to provide a platform, so that each can book ticket from online site with name and stations details. it will reduce the long ques, save time, fast revenue to direct railway account, reduce staff, reduce the paper. when this will implement some condition, so that easy to check and fraud should not be happened.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Visual Marketing/Viral marketimg

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Idea: Portabilty over DTH service provider


i have taken a new connection of tata sky dth, but this is very costly as our local cable operators. so idea cam in my mind to change the service provider form current. so the portability over service provider in DTH should also come and price for recharge should also be reduced.