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Friday, April 10, 2009

Manangement Information System(New)

Multiple and single Choice Question -Answer
Question: Application of Information Technology in different fields are:
Answer: Automation, Transactional, Geographical and Analytical.
: The increased business complexities could be attributed to
Answer: technological changes , explosion of information , research and development

Question: The increased Management complexities could be attributed to
Answer:Management Science Technologies, Decision-making, Onset of computers and Information Feedback System.

Question: Secondary storage type
Answer: Hard Disk, Magnetic Tape, Optical Disk, Magnetic Drum etc.

Question: Different categories of computer:-
Answer: Super Computer, Main Frame Computer, Mini Computer and Micro Computer.

Question: The different type of Primary Storage
Answer: The register, The cache and The RAM.

Question: CPU consist of
Answer: ALU(Arithmatic logic Unit) and CU(conrol Unit).

Question: MIS is multi-disciplinary activity/subject like
Answer: Management Accounting, Management science/Theory,Organizational Behavioural/Theory, Operation Research, Computer science etc.

Question: Computer Software can be divided in to two main categories:-
Answer: System software and Application software.

Question: Software functions are
Answer: Manage the computer resources of the organization, Provide tools for human being to take advantage of these resources, Act as an intermediatory between organizations and stored information.

Question: Operating System are like
Answer: DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, UNIX, LINUX etc.

Question: Data communication consist of :-
Answer: Data processing and Data Transmission.

Question: System Software consist of :-
Answer: Operating system, Language translators, Utility programs, Communication Software.

Question: The relevance of Transaction Processing
Answer: Information, Action and Investigational.

Question: Data processing modes are :-
Answer: Batch processing System, On-Line processing System, On Line Real Time processing System, Distributed Data Processing, Time Sharing, Multi Programming, Multi Processing.

Question: Type of Transmission Signals
Answer: The Analog Signal, The Digital Signal.

Question: Physical media of Transmission Channel are
Answer: Twisted Pair of Copper Wires, Coaxial Cables, Optical Fiber

Question: Micro Waves Lines mediai of Transmission Channel are
Answer: "Light of Sight" earth micro wave, Radio/Wireless transmission waves(AM/FM), Satellite.

Fill in Blank:
Question: A set of instruction for a specific task is called ...........
Answer: Routine.

Question: A ..............translates source code into machine code called object code.
Answer: Compiler.

Question: An ................translates each source code statement, one at a time, into machine code.
Answer: Interpreter.

Question: An .................translates Assembly Language into machine code.
Answer: Assembler

Question: Transmission Speed measured in ....................
Answer: Bits Per Second(BPS), also called "Baud Rate".

Question: Network Topologies are :-
Answer: Star, Bus and Ring.

Question: Type of Network are
Answer: LAN, MAN, WAN, Backbone Network, Value Added Network(VAN).

Question: Network considerations are :-
Answer: Human factors, Cost, Security, Reliability, Network Management, Compatibility etc.

DSS: DSS is an intractive information storage and analysis system that provides decision makers with data and models for resolving for structured and unstructured problems.

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